Let me guess.

You want to build a data model, but you don’t want the frustration.  Or maybe you only want to make a small change, but it that will ripple through the rest of your model causing that two minute update to turn into two days?

The Entity Modeler can help.

The Entity Modeler has been designed for any enterprise user to learn quickly.  You don’t need to be a power modeler nor do you have to know if the arrow points left, right, up or down.  The Entity Modeler saves you clicks.  In a recent in-house experiment, we found that it takes 15-20 mouse clicks to add a new property to one of the things in your model!  With the Entity Modeler, it is as easy as a click-and-drag.

The Entity Modeler is currently in development and will be available in Fall 2017.  Please sign up for our mailing list to keep updated with our progress or sign up for our beta test program!