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To revolutionize integration with passion and integrity by providing architecture solutions that advance critical technologies and improve lives.


Years of R&D Advancements

at the core of our products

Skayl has spent years researching, developing, and testing the scalable, resilient, & secure 4D Architecture necessary to support today's and tomorrow's technologies.
4D Hyper-Models


Our live 4D Hyper-Models™ manage Content, Syntax, and Semantics across Time. Beyond traditional data model approaches, the addition of the 4th dimension enables the capacity for hyper-traced navigation forward and backward through time. As such, not only can you identify changes to elements and their relationships over time, you can also identify the context of those changes - how the changes impact the model and its other elements.

4D graphic


Our Grocery Store Analogy helps explain how our method of data modeling ensures the most resilient, scalable, and future-proofed solutions for rapid integrations.

We've leveraged this data modeling philosophy, applied our 4D Architectural concepts, and built solutions that allow simple, straightforward collaborative development while maintaining the integrity of the underlying advancements.