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Skayl Demonstrates Rapid Integration at TSOA-ID

Skayl conducted a scalable integration demonstration featuring CinC™ at the Tri-Service Open Architecture Interoperability Demonstration Technical Interchange Meeting and Expo on March 15, 2022.

Users were invited to build an integration model in the user-friendly PHENOM™ interface and generate the CinC (Configurable Infrastructure Capability) that integrates the US Army CMS UoP (Unit of Portability) with the demo joystick UoP – both of which remain unmodified from their original form. Users were then able to maneuver the joysticks to interact with the CMS, reconfigure the CinC to affect new behaviors, and retest interoperability.

The demonstration system was built using Skayl’s CinC. CinC allows complex system-of-systems integration to be performed through simple reconfiguration of the infrastructure rather than through extensive software development. Generated CinC includes the following artifacts: runtime configuration, compile-time setup code, protocol mediation code, and semantic mediation-based transformations.

Developed to align with major standards, generated CinC code is built to pass the FACE Conformance Test Suite (CTS). Prior to code generation, the test-rework-retest cycle is streamlined through dynamic error checking and on-demand Health and conformance checks in PHENOM.

Skayl is currently pursuing steps to ensure that future generated code is pre-verified for airworthiness certification, even further automating the integration process.

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Pictured L-R are Chris Allport, Shaun Foley, Dave Lombardi, and Gordon Hunt


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