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CinC and PHENOM manage system complexity with an architecture that embraces constant system variations and enables rapid generation of intelligent runtime ready configurable integration code. Going beyond brittle commonality-based specifications and manual application modifications, CinC and PHENOM leverage dynamically-updated models to generate what was once manually created and maintained.

Together, they enhance affordability and speed to fleet by reducing integration and testing complexity, adding deployment flexibility, decreasing errors, and eliminating duplication of effort. Independent and continuous integration is enabled by our configurable design of the infrastructure and our advanced model-derived and optimized configurations.

The architecture, software, and design of the tools fully support the FACE™ technical specifications as well as other interface and protocol-based standards.


Product Features

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eliminates integration ambiguities

though automated semantic-based interface matching and discovery.


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of system interfaces and integration logic with generated stimulus functions.

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produces always CONFORMANT data models exports

with advanced guided modeling and tool-assist features. 

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model collaboration

enabled by dynamic model 

analytics reports and model health indicators.

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achieves systems interoperability over time

 leveraging multi-model versioning and advanced configuration management.

provides integration FLEXIBILITY

with optimizable and configurable data and behavior mediation configurations.

post-deployment CONFIGURABILITY

enables updates to system performance and message and interface variations.


with temporal backward and forward versioning and impact tracing.


across the FACE™ Technical Standard and other protocol and interface specifications.

conformance processes

with generated test and configuration artifacts.

tool-neutral integration

 provides user-definable workflow and processes to utilize data model content.

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generates integration models & software

eliminating manual and error-prone repetitive tasks.

Ready for the next generation of integration? 

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