PHENOM™ Premium

PHENOM™ Premium provides subscribers with online access to the live hyper-model; the portal’s complete, powerful suite of tools; the Community Forum; pre-release Beta Tools; and more.



PHENOM™ Premium provides users with full access to the portal’s powerful suite of product tools and one hyper-model. Subscribers have access to the following Basic features:

  • PHENOM™’s core tools including ModelingWizard™, ConformanceWizard™, EntityModeler™ and IMAGe™
  • Access to new tools as they are added to the ecosystem
  • 1 Hyper-Model
  • Product and model support to include ongoing updates
  • Email Tech Support

Plus, Premium Features:

  • PHENOM™’s Hyper-Connector tool that automates dynamic integration of disparate models
  • Access to pre-release Beta Tools
  • Community Forum Support
  • One hour complimentary consulting each month