Why Should I Care? It’s All About Me

Originally published in September, 2017 by the Open Group as a NAVAIR FACE TIM Paper

Paper by:
Chris Allport
Sonya Hand
Gordon Hunt

Download the full paper here: Why Should I Care

Executive Summary

The Open Group’s Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE) Technical Standard is lauded as a great stride forward in Open Architecture and an enabler of the government’s Better Buying Power initiatives. As the FACE Technical Standard continues to proliferate, the distance between the decision to use the standard and the developers who build the systems will increase. There is a tremendous amount of excitement and passion for the standard as evidenced by the active and passionate participation of so many individuals representing so many companies at the FACE Consortium meetings. To maintain this level of enthusiasm, it is helpful for all stakeholders to understand how the standard applies to them in their roles as well as how and why the standard applies to others in the cross-functional team.

In addition to educating, this paper aims to push out the envelope with regard to the way we tend to think of the data model-language aspects of the FACE Technical Standard. Each section of this paper is intended to capture a generalized view of each represented stakeholder role in order to best convey the spirit of the standard and how it applies to one in that role without delving into the minutiae. As with previous papers, we offer this content as the starting point for conversation.



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