PHENOM™ is a revolutionary online ecosystem of leading-edge integration products including Hyper-Models and intuitive data architecture and modeling tools. PHENOM™’s reach grows as your needs increase, providing limitless opportunities for your world.


Experts in Mission Critical Interoperability.

Skayl was established in 2016, by four integration visionaries, unified in their quest to find the ultimate answer to the question, "How Do We Scale?"

We offer an ecosystem of tools built around a disruptively unconventional way of thinking of and performing integration.

Skayl’s interoperability solutions have been implemented and proven time after time among the most demanding customers managing the world’s most advanced, complex and mission critical systems. Our technologies have been adopted by NATO, the US Navy, Army and Air Force.

Our hyper-model methodology slashes cost, time and provides our customers with immediate strategic advantage in a broad mix of industries, including defense, smart cities, space exploration and telemedicine.

  • fraction of time it takes to model an entity compared to traditional methods

  • fraction of time it takes to document interfaces compared to traditional methods

  • systems connectivity, interopability and reconfigurability at the push of a button

  • assurance from multi-layered security built in at the integration level


Ushering radical change resulting in mass scalability & rapid development


command & control, UAS & ground systems
Our technology is leading the way in the development of complete interoperability among Command & Control, Unmanned Air Vehicles, and boots on the ground technologies. Resulting advancements allow for near instantaneous additions of new technology.


energy, water, public safety & transportation
Today’s emerging Smart Cities need to make the most of existing technologies while integrating new tech advancements. Skayl manages issues of interoperability and integration between old and new technologies across Energy, Public Safety, Health, Water and Transportation.


healthcare, public health & telemedicine
Skayl’s solutions speed medical advancements by integrating medical systems and devices, health care practitioners, patients, and critical emergency services. Whether telemedicine, medical testing or the latest in hospital technologies, we enable full interoperability.


space discovery & exploration
Complex systems’ integration, command & control, and the most advanced technologies must be fully interoperable and scalable. As new technologies, instrumentation and devices are added, Skayl’s technologies provide seamless integration.

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