Magic to some, the art of the possible to others…

Our Process

An innovation in system integration - delivering inherent software interoperability.
Go to model.


Choose the information you need from a massive online database. Can’t find what you need? Our easy to use tools will guide you through the process. Forget the need for complicated data modeling software.

Go to document.


Capture the meaning of your data. Clear, concise, and unambiguous documentation makes it possible to actually determine the cost of integration.

Go to connect.


Deploy your system with the assurance that it will just work. Don’t worry about messages or middleware. Just configure your data and allow our connect functionality to do the rest.

Go to secure.


Once everything is connected, security naturally follows: not as an afterthought, but as a natural extension of the configuration of the system.


Making the impossible possible
Scale. It’s the real problem, so address it, don’t wrap and hide it.

We admit it. Developing a scalable systems of systems integration solution is a challenge. Actually, we've been told it's "impossible."

That's our starting point.

Our technology starts where other solutions don't - at the bottom. Instead of attacking the problem from the top-down, we look at systems integration from the bottom up.

And, using our MoDoCon process, we can build systems that scale with calculable integration costs.

Say goodbye to cost prohibitive integrations.

Skayl is here to help you do just that.

  • The time it takes to model an entity compared to our competitors.

  • The time it takes to document your interfaces with our tools rather than traditional modeling approaches.

  • The ability to connect all of your systems and dynamically reconfigure them.

  • The satisfaction you have in deploying a secure system.

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